Women Violence in Puerto Vallarta

About us

Compassion for the Family Inc. takes domestic violence against women very seriously. It is imperative that women and their children be offered a safe refuge. Compassion for the Family Inc. is committed to providing this service that is so badly needed in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area. In order to provide this service, Compassion for the Family has constructed a shelter in a discrete location in the greater Puerto Vallarta area. Non disclosure of the location of the facility is imperative if the organization is to be able to provide a safe refuge. Compassion for the Family Inc. does not actively seek out women that are physically abused. Compassion for the Family Inc. does not remove women from an abusive environment nor does it involve itself in domestic disturbances. Compassion for the Family Inc. accepts women and their children to the shelter exclusively through recommendations from Mexican Social Services, The Women's Institute and the Health Department.

Operating Costs

The desire of the board of directors for Compassion for the Family is to dedicate all of it's resources to serve victims of domestic violence. To this end the board members receive no compensation for the time and service they dedicate to the shelter. 100% of the funds received are used to pay for food, hygienic items, cleaning products, clothing, educational materials, maintenance, taxes, utilities, insurance and the professional services of the shelter staff.


The shelter provides free of charge the professional services from an adult psychologist, child psychologist,  educational psychologist, social worker, teacher, lawyer and 24 hour nursing staff


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Free sterling silver pendant for everyone who becomes a monthly donor. The pendant displays the logo of the Banderas bay Women's Shelter, a woman with a child and a baby.The cost of the first 50 pendants has been generously covered by our dear friend Georgia Darehshori.

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Personal Checks

Checks can be made payable to Compassion for the Family and mailed to:

Compassion for the Family, 115 13th Street SE, Altoona, IA 50009