Women Violence in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

On the surface, the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico seems to be a very modern and prosperous community, but the prosperity is shared by very few individuals and corporations. The fact is that Puerto Vallarta has a significant economically challenged population. Along with the economic problems there is extensive use of alcohol and drugs. Poor economic conditions, alcohol and drug use and the relegation of the woman to a roll of second class citizen, all lend to a high rate of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Women are also forced into prostitution in order to support their families and others find themselves in the trade as a result of human trafficking business. Few women who have been sexually assaulted or physically abused seek assistance. Those that do seek assistance find that there is very little assistance available to them. There is no safe refuge for sexually assaulted and battered women in Puerto Vallarta or the surrounding area. These women often return to the abusive environment.


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